(Tue, Jan 28th) Gospels: Matt. 8-10

Matthew 8

  1. Why did Jesus send the healed leper to the priest?
  2. Who were the people from the east and west who would sit with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Who were the sons who would be cast out?
  3. What dead bury the dead?
  4. Why did the disciples have little faith during the storm on the boat?
  5. Did the demon possessed men know Jesus? Do the demons know what their end is to be? What did Jesus do to the demons?

Matthew 9

  1. Why did Jesus tell the paralyzed man to rise and walk?
  2. Why did Jesus not come to save the righteous?
  3. What does Jesus’ analogy of the cloth and the wineskins mean?
  4. What healed the woman with the flow of blood?
  5. What healed the two blind men?
  6. What did Jesus ask His disciples to pray for?

Matthew 10

  1. How did the disciples have power to heal?
  2. Who did Jesus send His disciples to first?
  3. If a household or city would not receive their words, what were the disciples to do?
  4. Why would it be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah in the Day of Judgment than for the Israelites?
  5. How will we speak in times of trials and persecutions?
  6. What will not be covered or hidden?
  7. Whom should we fear when preaching the word?
  8. How do we confess Jesus before men?
  9. How do we deny Jesus before men? What happens to us if we deny Jesus?
  10. What is the sword that Jesus brought? How does it cause division in families?
  11. How do we take up our cross and follow Jesus?
  12. Who do we receive if we accept a disciple of Christ?