(Wed, Oct 14th) Epistles: Heb. 11-13

Hebrews 11

  1. What must we have to please God?
  2. Who will God reward?
  3. What do those with diligent faith look forward to?
  4. When will those of the faith who have died receive the promise?

Hebrews 12

  1. Since we have so many examples of those who had faith, what should we do?
  2. How is Jesus the author and finisher of our faith?
  3. What does God do to us when we fall into sin?
  4. What will the chastening of the Lord produce?
  5. What must we pursue to be with the Lord?
  6. What must we be careful to not do?
  7. What blessing might we forfeit if we fall short of the grace of God?
  8. How does God speak to us now from heaven?
  9. How should we be serving God under grace?

Hebrews 13

  1. How may we have entertained angels?
  2. How is Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever?
  3. What sacrifices does God like?
  4. How does God make us complete to do His will?