(Wed, Jan 29th) Epistles: Rom. 9-10

Romans 9

  1. How do we gauge ourselves in the Holy Spirit?
  2. Who are children of God?  Who are the children of the flesh?
  3. How was Esau hated?
  4. Who does God harden for His use?
  5. How many of the Israelites will be saved?
  6. Who is the seed that protects us from becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah?
  7. Who is the stone that was rejected?

Romans 10

  1. How were the Jews trying to be righteous?
  2. What did Christ do to the law?
  3. Why does Christ not need to be brought back for salvation?
  4. How is the Word in your mouth and in your heart?
  5. After believing the gospel to what must our hearts be committed?
  6. Who can call on the name of the Lord?
  7. How does faith come?
  8. Why does Israel not obey the gospel?
  9. Who did God use to try to turn the Israelites to Him?