(Tue, Oct 20th) Gospels: Acts 7-8

Acts 7

  1. What was Stephen's response to the council's questioning?
  2. What did the people do to Stephen? What did Stephen ask God for the people? Who also was there with the people?

Acts 8

  1. What did Saul do against the church?
  2. Who was Simon? What did the people think of Him?
  3. When Simon heard Philip's witness, what did he do?
  4. When Simon saw the Holy Spirit given by the laying on of hands, what did he ask the apostles? b. What did Peter and John tell Simon? What did they know about Simon from this? What did Simon need to do to get right with God?
  5. What was the Ethiopian eunuch reading when Philip met him? Who was he reading about?
  6. What did Philip do to the Ethiopian after he believed?
  7. What happened to Philip?