(Tue, Nov 10th) Gospels: Acts 13-14

Acts 13

  1. Who did the Holy Spirit call to work?
  2. What did Elymas try to prevent of Saul and Barnabas? What did Saul tell Elymas? What curse was put on Elymas? For what purpose was this done to Elymas?
  3. What word of exhortation did Paul given at the synagogue? What was the reaction of the people?
  4. How are the Gentiles ordained to eternal life?

Acts 14

  1. Who did Paul heal at Lystra?
  2. What did the people think of Paul and Barnabas? Was this acceptable to Paul and Barnabas?
  3. Who followed Paul and Barnabas to Lystra?
  4. What had God done for the Gentiles?