(Mon, Nov 30th) Prophecy: Malachi

Malachi 1

  1. What was wrong with the offerings that the people and the priests were giving to the Lord? b. How is this similar to us today in a spiritual sense?
  2. Why were their offerings to God in vain?

Malachi 2

1.      Who is a messenger of the Lord? What was he supposed to ‘keep on his lips’?

2.      What were the priests doing wrong?

3.      To what two sins did the people fall?

4.      How did the priests weary God?

Malachi 3

1.      Who was the messenger that would prepare the way for the Lord?

2.      Who was the Lord whom the people sought?

3.      Who robbed God in the tithes and offerings?

4.      Who was written in the book of remembrance?

Malachi 4

1.      When did the prophet Elijah return?

2.      When is the great and dreadful day of the Lord that will follow Elijah?