(Mon, Feb 3rd) Prophecy: Isa. 23-28

Isaiah 23

  1. Who does Tyre represent?
  2. What was Tyre's sin?
  3. Why would Tyre become like the Chaldeans or Babylonians?
  4. What does the seventy years represent?
  5. What is the fornication that Tyre commits with the world?

Isaiah 24

  1. What does Isaiah tell us will happen to the people of the earth?
  2. What does the shaking of the olive trees and the gleaning of grapes represent?
  3. Who are the exalted ones that God will punish?
  4. Who are the kings of the earth?
  5. What is the judgment on the exalted ones and the kings of the earth?
  6. Why will the moon and the sun be disgraced and ashamed?

Isaiah 25

  1. Who are the strong people of God?
  2. What is the mountain of the Lord?
  3. What will God do for His mountain?
  4. What are the veil and the covering that will be removed?
  5. What will be swallowed up forever?

Isaiah 26

  1. What is the strong city of the believers?
  2. How will the nation be expanded?
  3. What will happen to the dead who knew God?

Isaiah 27

  1. Who does Leviathan represent?
  2. Who is the vineyard that the Lord keeps?
  3. Who are the briars and thorns?
  4. What is possible for the briars and thorns?
  5. What did God do to Israel with an "east" wind?
  6. Who does the fortified city represent?
  7. Will God have mercy on the fortified city?
  8. Who will God gather out of the river? When will He do this?

Isaiah 28

  1. Who is the strong one the Lord will use?
  2. What was the condition of the priest and the prophet?
  3. How would God speak to his people from now on?
  4. What was the people's attitude about God's precepts?
  5. Because they did not follow God, who did they make a covenant with?
  6. Who is the cornerstone that would be laid in Zion?
  7. What was revealed to Isaiah concerning the whole earth?
  8. What did Isaiah say about how God teaches?