(Mon, Dec 7th) Prophecy: Rev. 1-6

Revelation 1

1.      By whom did John receive this revelation?

2.      Who is the Alpha and Omega?

3.      To whom was John to deliver the revelation?

4.      Who are the seven stars and seven lampstands?

Revelation 2

1.      What is the issue with each church?

Revelation 3

1.      What is the issue with these churches?

Revelation 4

1.      Who did John see when taken to heaven?

2.      What are the seven lamps before the throne?

3.      What were the four living creatures like?

4.      What was around the throne?

Revelation 5

1.      What was in the hand of Him who sat on the throne?

2.      Who was worthy to open the scroll?

Revelation 6

1.      What does each of the first six seals release on earth?