(Fri, Feb 14th) History: Jdg. 7-11

Judges 7

  1. How many men did Gideon have to fight the Midianites? Why did God want Gideon to reduce his number of men?
  2. To what number did God further reduce Gideon's men? How did God tell Gideon to do this?
  3. What strategy did Gideon use against the camp of Midian?

Judges 8

  1. Why was the tribe of Ephraim upset with Gideon?
  2. What did Gideon make with some of the plunder from the Midianites? What did the people end up doing with this?
  3. How many sons did Gideon have before his death?

Judges 9

  1. What did Abimelech do to his brothers?
  2. Who escaped from Abimelech's hand?
  3. What did Jotham predict against Abimelech?
  4. Who was the first person to turn on Abimelech?
  5. Who killed the people of Shechem and Beth Millo?
  6. How was Abimelech killed?

Judges 10

  1. What nation came against Israel at this time?

Judges 11

  1. Why did Jephthah's brothers drive him from their father's house?
  2. What did Jephthah soon become?
  3. Who did the elders of Israel call on when Ammon made war with Israel?
  4. Why were the people of Ammon upset with Israel?
  5. By what source was Jephthah able to justify his position?
  6. What did Jephthah vow to the Lord if he defeated the Ammonites?
  7. Who met Jephthah when he returned from his battle?