(Mon, Mar 16th) Prophecy: Isa. 56-61

Isaiah 56

  1. To who also has God promised salvation?
  2. Who are the blind watchmen?

Isaiah 57

  1. To whom does God's rest and peace come early?
  2. What were the people doing on the lofty and high mountains?
  3. How did the people descend to Sheol?
  4. With whom does God dwell?
  5. Which backsliders will be healed by God?

Isaiah 58

  1. Did Israel still seek and call on God? What was wrong with their worship and fasting?
  2. What righteousness does God expect from us? What will God do for us if we do these things?
  3. How is our darkness replaced with light?
  4. How could Israel become the Repairer and the Restorer?
  5. How do we honor God?

Isaiah 59

  1. What separates us from God? How does God respond to this?
  2. How do we grope as if we have no eyes?
  3. Who set forth the plan for salvation?
  4. Who is the Redeemer that will come to Zion?
  5. What did God promise with His new covenant?

Isaiah 60

  1. Who also will worship at the altar of Israel?
  2. For what will the cypress, pine, and the box tree be used?
  3. Who are the works of God's hands? What is the work of God’s hands? When will the people inherit the land forever?

Isaiah 61

  1. Who was appointed to preach to the people? What are the people told about the ruins of the city? Who will become part of these people?