(Wed, Mar 25th) Epistles: 1 Cor. 9-10

1 Corinthians 9

  1. What did Paul defend concerning he and Barnabas?
  2. What should teachers be able to reap if they have sown spiritual things to the saints?
  3. Of what can Paul boast?
  4. What did the priests partake of as they ministered in the temple?
  5. a. How did Paul make himself a servant to all? Did Paul forsake God’s law as he taught these people?
  6. What is Paul's reward if he unwillingly preached the gospel?
  7. What is our race? What is the prize?
  8. a. How does Paul insure he will obtain the prize? Did Paul fear being disqualified? What happens if he becomes disqualified?

1 Corinthians 10

  1. How were the children of Israel baptized into Moses? b. What followed the Rock? Who was the Rock?
  2. How do the things that happened to Israel benefit us?
  3. Why should we be careful to stand upright before God?
  4. What will God provide when you are tempted?
  5. Why are all things lawful but not edifying?