(Fri, Mar 27th) History: 1 Sam. 11-15

1 Samuel 11

  1. How did the Ammonites want the men of Jabesh Gilead to surrender?
  2. How did Saul get the people of Israel to go to battle against the Ammonites?
  3. How many people came out to battle?
  4. Would Saul allow the men who were against him to be put to death?

1 Samuel 12

  1. What did Samuel remind the people about God?
  2. What did Samuel say was the sin of the people?

1 Samuel 13

  1. Why was Saul's sacrifice unlawful?
  2. Who were the only ones of the Israelites who had weapons at this time?

1 Samuel 14

  1. In what was Jonathan's confidence to defeat the Philistines?
  2. What was Saul's rash oath against his people?

1 Samuel 15

  1. What did God instruct Saul to do to the Amalekites?
  2. What sin did Saul commit concerning the Amalekites?
  3. What did God say Saul had done concerning Him?
  4. What did Saul say he planned to do with the animals of the Amalekites? What was Samuel's response to Saul?