(Mon, Apr 6th) Prophecy: Jer. 7-11

Jeremiah 7

  1. How should we change our ways to please God?
  2. What did the people do even after committing all kinds of evil?

Jeremiah 8

  1. What did no one in Jerusalem do?
  2. How is the pen of the scribes false?

Jeremiah 9

  1. Why did Jeremiah want a place in the wilderness for travelers?
  2. What wormwood would be fed to Judah?
  3. Why is the pride of man in his wisdom, might, and wealth mean nothing?

Jeremiah 10

  1. What habit of the Gentiles were the Jews seeking?
  2. How much power did the idols have?
  3. What will perish from the earth?
  4. Whose wound was severe?

Jeremiah 11

  1. How did God view His people who faithfully served Him?
  2. What tree and fruit did the people want to destroy?