May 4th: 1 Chr 13-16

1 Chronicles 13

  1. What did David decide to bring back to the city of Jerusalem?
  2. What happened to Uzza?
  3. Where was the ark left?

1 Chronicles 14

  1. Who sent King David materials and men to build him a house?
  2. What did King David do first before going to battle against the Philistines?

1 Chronicles 15

  1. Who were the only people who should carry the ark of God?
  2. Why did God break out against David and his men the first time they brought up the ark?
  3. What did David and his people do before the Ark of the Covenant as they brought it into the city?

1 Chronicles 16

  1. To whom did David give all praise, honor, thanks, and credit?
  2. What did David re-establish concerning the worship of God?