May 17th: 2 Sam 16-18

2 Samuel 16

  1. What did Ziba say Mephibosheth had decided to do?
  2. Who cursed David and threw rocks at him? Why did David not kill Him?
  3. What was Ahithophel's advice to Absalom?

2 Samuel 17

  1. What further advice did Ahithophel give Absalom?
  2. What was Hushai's advice to Absalom?
  3. Who saw Hushai sending Jonathan and Ahimaaz to David?

2 Samuel 18

  1. What did David ask his men to do with Absalom?
  2. How many Israelites were killed in the battle?
  3. What happened to Absalom?
  4. How did David take Absalom's death?