Jun 8th: Prov 19-21

Proverbs 19

  1. What will happen to the false witness and the one who speaks lies?
  2. What woman comes from the Lord?
  3. What will the Lord pay back?
  4. What will the Lord keep from those who fear Him?

Proverbs 20

  1. Who is blessed when you walk in integrity?
  2. What determines if you are pure and right?
  3. What can put you in deep darkness?
  4. Who will repay evil done to us?
  5. What reveals our heart to the Lord?

Proverbs 21

  1. What does the Lord want more than our sacrifice?
  2. What results when you wander from understanding?
  3. Who is it good to avoid?
  4. What do those receive who are righteous and merciful?