Jan 17th: Gen 16-18

Genesis 16

  1. By whom did Abram's wife, Sarai, tell him to have children? Once she conceived, how did she treat Sarai? What did Sarai do?
  2. What did God promise Hagar?
  3. What was Hagar's son's name?

Genesis 17

  1. To what was Abram’s name changed by God? What does this name mean?
  2. What was the sign of the covenant between God and Abram?
  3. To what was Sarai renamed? What does this name mean?
  4. What did God promise Abraham through Sarah?

Genesis 18

  1. What did Abraham see while sitting in his tent? Who did Abraham realize were his visitors? What did he call his visitors?
  2. What did the men tell Abraham about Sarah? How did Sarah answer this?
  3. Where were the three men ultimately going? What was their purpose? Why? What worried Abraham the most about this?