Jul 15th: 2 Chr 28; 2 Kgs 16-17

2 Chronicles 28

  1. What god did King Ahaz follow?
  2. Who did God bring against King Ahaz and why?
  3. What did the prophet Oded advise Israel to give up?
  4. What nations came against King Ahaz also at this time?
  5. Who did King Ahaz turn to for help? How did they help?
  6. What gods did Ahaz turn to for help and why?
  7. Where was King Ahaz not buried?

2 Kings 16

  1. What king of Judah made his son pass through the fire?
  2. What did King Ahaz do to the temple of the Lord?

2 Kings 17

  1. What happened to Israel when Hoshea did not pay tribute to Assyria?
  2. Who did the king of Assyria put in the city of Samaria after Israel was taken captive?
  3. What happened to the new residents of Samaria?
  4. What did the king of Assyria do to protect the new people?