Jul 19th: Hos 1-7

Hosea 1

  1. What did Hosea's marriage to a harlot symbolize?
  2. What did Hosea's first son symbolize?
  3. What did Hosea's daughter symbolize?
  4. What did Hosea's third child symbolize?

Hosea 2

  1. What did Israel continue to observe that God would cause to cease?

Hosea 3

  1. What did the adulterous woman represent who Hosea bought for himself?

Hosea 4

  1. What were some of the sins in the land?
  2. What did the prophets and priests reject and not give to the people?
  3. What will happen to those who have no understanding of God?
  4. Why would the daughters not be punished?

Hosea 5

  1. Our deeds should be directed where?
  2. Why is Ephraim singled out for God's judgment?
  3. What must Ephraim do to receive God’s mercy?

Hosea 6

  1. What prophesy is revealed in verses 1 and 2?
  2. What was the extent of Israel's faithfulness?
  3. What did God desire most?

Hosea 7

1.      Who did Ephraim turn to for help?