Jul 22nd: Isa 28-30

Isaiah 28

  1. Who is the strong one the Lord will use?
  2. What was the condition of the priest and the prophet?
  3. How would God speak to his people from now on?
  4. What was the people's attitude about God's precepts?
  5. Because they did not follow God, who did they make a covenant with?
  6. Who is the cornerstone that would be laid in Zion?
  7. What was revealed to Isaiah concerning the whole earth?
  8. What did Isaiah say about how God teaches?

Isaiah 29

  1. What will happen to Jerusalem?
  2. Why were the people of Israel only near to God?
  3. Why could Israel not hide their deeds from God?
  4. Who will be cut off completely one day?
  5. Why would Jacob not be ashamed of his children?

Isaiah 30

  1. Why was Israel not to trust in Egypt?
  2. What type of people had Israel become?
  3. Who would God be gracious to?
  4. How will God teach His people in the future?
  5. What is the great light to come?
  6. What king would face death at Topeth?