Jan 23rd: Gen 32-34

Genesis 32

  1. Why did Jacob divide his possessions and people in two companies?
  2. Why did Jacob send gifts to Esau?
  3. With whom did Jacob think he had wrestled? What did Jacob want this man to do for him? What happened to Jacob's hip?
  4. What did the man mean of Jacob when he said, "You have struggled with man and God and prevailed"?

Genesis 33

  1. Why did Jacob put Rachel and Joseph last?
  2. When Esau saw Jacob, what was his reaction to Jacob?
  3. Why did Jacob not go with Esau to Seir at the same pace?
  4. Where did Jacob finally pitch his tent? From whom did Jacob buy land?

Genesis 34

  1. What did Shechem do to Dinah, Jacob's daughter? What did Shechem want his father to do for him?
  2. When Jacob's sons heard about what happened to Dinah, how did they feel?
  3. What did Hamor propose they should do? What did Jacobs' sons want done first?
  4. What advantage did Hamor inform his people they would receive if they followed the conditions of Jacob's sons?
  5. What did Dinah's brothers do to the men of the city of Shechem? b. What was Jacob's reaction to his sons' actions?