Oct 9th: Matt 12; Mark 3; Luke 6

Matthew 12

  1. How did the priests profane the Sabbath?
  2. What work is permissible on the Sabbath?
  3. Who did Jesus heal on the Sabbath?
  4. What does the prophecy of Isaiah tell us about Jesus?
  5. What was the unpardonable sin?
  6. From what source will your mouth speak?
  7. What will words you speak do for you?
  8. How was Jesus in the earth for three days and three nights?
  9. What does Jesus say about an unclean spirit that returns to a person?
  10. Who are Jesus’ brothers, sisters, and mother?

Mark 3

  1. What did the unclean spirits call Jesus?
  2. What name did Jesus give to James and John and what does it mean?
  3. Who is the strong man and what house does Jesus bind?
  4. What blasphemies will be forgiven?
  5. What blasphemy will never be forgiven? Explain what this means.
  6. How is everyone our brother, sister, or mother?

Luke 6

  1. What does Jesus teach about the Sabbath?
  2. Who are the twelve apostles?
  3. What is the message of the Beatitudes? 
  4. What are the differences in the Beatitudes of Luke and Matthew?
  5. How are we to treat our enemies? To whom should we lend? How should we treat all people?
  6. How should we judge or condemn others?
  7. What will God do when you give to others?
  8. How can you help someone spiritually if you are not spiritually right yourself?
  9. What is the source from which your tongue speaks?
  10. If we follow the teachings of Jesus what will we be like? If we hear and do not do the teachings of Jesus what will we be like?