Nov 23rd: Gal 1-3

Galatians 1

  1. From what had the people of Galatia turned away?
  2. How was the gospel being perverted?
  3. Who had revealed the truth of the gospel to Paul?
  4. Who did Paul confer with to learn about the gospel?

Galatians 2

  1. Why did Paul return to Jerusalem?
  2. What did Paul and Titus avoid doing when returning to Jerusalem? Why?
  3. What was the only thing Peter and the apostles ask of Paul in his work?
  4. What did Paul accuse Peter of doing before certain "pillars" of the Jews?
  5. By what would a man be justified and not justified?

Galatians 3

  1. What do we receive after hearing the word and establishing our faith?
  2. How were the Gentiles trying to be perfected in the flesh?
  3. How did Abraham confirm the promise from God?
  4. What was the purpose for the law?
  5. Who was the mediator of the law and then of the promise?
  6. Who are the parties in the two mediations?