Nov 25th: Gal 4-6

Galatians 4

  1. What is our guardian or steward until the return of Jesus?
  2. How are we known by God?
  3. To what were the people turning back? Why would Paul’s labor be in vain?
  4. What may have been Paul’s physical infirmity?
  5. Who are the children of the free and who are those of bondage?
  6. What are the two Jerusalems?

Galatians 5

  1. What is the yoke of bondage that the Galatians had again become entangled with?
  2. What grace had they fallen from?
  3. What is our liberty and how is it to be used?
  4. What does the Spirit produce?
  5. If we are Christ's what must we do to the flesh?

Galatians 6

  1. How should we restore someone who is in sin? Why should we consider ourselves?
  2. How should we examine ourselves?
  3. What is sowing to the flesh? What does sowing to the flesh reap?
  4. Why did leaders promote circumcision?