Dec 15th: Col, Philemon

Colossians 1

  1. Why do we need to increase our knowledge of God?
  2. How is Jesus the image of God?
  3. How is Jesus the firstborn over all creation?
  4. Who does Paul say created all principalities and powers? In whom do all things consist? Who is the head of the church?
  5. How did God make peace between Him and the world?
  6. How are heaven and earth reconciled?
  7. How can we be secure in being presented holy to God?
  8. What is the mystery that was hidden from the ages?

Colossians 2

  1. What did Paul want to see in the Colossians?
  2. What does steadfast in the faith mean?
  3. What did Paul warn us to beware of?
  4. What dwelled in Jesus?
  5. How are we the fullness of the divine nature?
  6. How are we circumcised now?
  7. What was done away with by Jesus' death? Who was made a public spectacle because of this?
  8. What is the only thing that will be of value against the indulgence of the flesh?

Colossians 3

  1. If we are raised with Christ, what must we do?
  2. What one trait must we have which will sum up all the character of the new man?
  3. What is the peace of God that should rule in our hearts?
  4. How do we do our deeds in the name of Jesus?
  5. What is one thing children can do that is pleasing to God?
  6. How should wives obey their husbands?

Colossians 4

  1. What does Paul mean by letting your speech be seasoned with salt?


  1. Who was Philemon?
  2. Who was Onesimus? What had he done?
  3. Why was he useful now to Philemon both "in the flesh and in the Lord"?
  4. What does Paul mean when he says receive him as you would me?