Dec 17th: Philippians

Philippians 1

  1. Were the people in Philippi believers? Why?
  2. In what did Paul want them to grow? Why did they need to do this? What would they become if they did this?
  3. Why, according to Paul, were some people preaching Christ? Why did Paul rejoice anyway?
  4. Why did Paul want to remain in the flesh?
  5. How must our conduct be while we serve God?
  6. How do we stand fast in one spirit?
  7. What is proof of perdition of our adversaries?
  8. What can we expect here while we serve God and Jesus?

Philippians 2

  1. What mindset should we have? Who also had this mindset?
  2. What did Jesus avoid exalting or "hanging onto" when He was here? How did Jesus become a servant?
  3. If we humble ourselves what will God do for us?
  4. How should we work out our salvation? Why should we have this attitude?
  5. What should we be to the world? Why? How do we do this?
  6. What may happen if you do not holdfast to the word of life?

Philippians 3

  1. What was Paul's former position? How did Paul consider this position now?
  2. What righteousness comes from our faith in Christ?
  3. What grows in our faith? Had Paul attained perfection? What did Paul know he had to do to attain this perfection?
  4. What prize did Paul seek? Has Paul obtained this prize?
  5. What mindset should a mature Christian have? What would God reveal to those who did not have this mindset? How can we mature in Christ?
  6. To what degree must we walk accordingly?

Philippians 4

  1. To have our bodies changed to a glorious body, what must we do? How do we do this?
  2. For what should we be anxious?
  3. On what should we meditate?
  4. What should be our attitude in life whether we have plenty or little?
  5. In what was Paul strengthened?
  6. What did the gifts from the Philippians help Paul to do?
  7. What will God do for those who give?