Jan 4th: Job 1-5

Job 1

  1. How was Job considered before God?
  2. What had God blessed Job with?
  3. What would Job do for his sons in fear of the Lord?
  4. For what reason did Satan determine that Job was faithful?
  5. What did God not allow Satan to do to Job? What did Satan do to Job?
  6. What was Job's reaction to God?

Job 2

  1. What further harm did Satan want to try against Job? How was He limited?
  2. With what did Satan strike Job?

Job 3

  1. What did Job curse and for what did he long?

Job 4

  1. What does Eliphaz tell Job about God'justice?
  2. What vision did Eliphaz say he received? What was revealed to him?
  3. What signs did God give His people that He was against them?

Job 5

  1. What does Eliphaz hint is the cause of Job's troubles?
  2. According to Eliphaz, what should Job be doing now?