Mar 1st: Num 14-15; Ps 90

Numbers 14

  1. What two men sent as spies into the land of Canaan came back with a good report?
  2. What did God want to do to the people of Israel?
  3. How did Moses reason with God?
  4. What did God resolve to do to the children of Israel?
  5. How long would it be before the children of Israel entered into the promised land?
  6. Who would enter the land?
  7. What happened to the men who brought back the bad report?
  8. What did the children of Israel decide to do on their own? What happened to them?

Numbers 15

  1. What happened to a man picking up sticks on a Sabbath?
  2. Why were tassels attached to the Israelites garments?

Psalm 90

  1. Why should we number our days?