May 24th: James

James 1

  1. What does testing of your faith produce?
  2. From whom can we get wisdom? How can we get it?
  3. What happens if you doubt God for what you ask?
  4. How can the rich man glory?
  5. Does God tempt anyone?
  6. When does a desire become sin?
  7. When does desire bring death?
  8. What does wrath not produce?
  9. From what are we to remove ourselves?
  10. What will help us be saved?
  11. How can we deceive ourselves?
  12. What should we keep under control?
  13. What is pure and undefiled religion?

James 2

  1. How are we to treat people? What law does this fulfill?
  2. How do you prove your faith?
  3. Who else believes in God? What separates us from them?
  4. What work justified Abraham�s faith?
  5. How are we justified?

James 3

  1. Who is more accountable before God?
  2. What should not proceed at the same time from our mouths?
  3. Where does envy and self-seeking come from?
  4. What will the wisdom that comes from God produce?

James 4

  1. What is friendship with the world? How does this affect our relationship with God?
  2. How can we make the devil flee?
  3. How can God draw near to us?
  4. What should we consider when making our plans for the future?
  5. If we do not consider God�s will first what does our boasting become?

James 5

  1. Who are our examples for patience and endurance?
  2. How should you guarantee an oath? What judgment do you get from swearing falsely your oaths?
  3. What can a prayer in faith help?
  4. Who is it that may wander from the truth? What will happen if he does not turn back? c. What does it mean to "turn him back"?