James 3

What is this chapter about?

What two things is the tongue compared to and why?

The tongue is like a what?

We need to try to tame our what?

What opposite things do we do with our tongue?

Where should we get our wisdom?

James 4

What kind of desires should we have?

Why were they called adulterous people?

What will the devil do if we resist him?

If we humble ourselves what will the Lord do for us?

Do we know what we are doing tomorrow?

What is life like?

Is it ok to NOT do something that we know is good?

James 5

What happens to wordly wealth?

How should we be until the Lord's coming?

Should we swear?

What should we do if we are in trouble? if we're happy? if we're sick?

What does it say about the prayer of a righteous person?

What did Elijah pray for?

What should we do if see fellow Christians falling into sin?