John 18

Where did Jesus and the disciples go?

How did Judas know about this place?

Who did Judas lead to this place?

When Jesus tells the soldiers who He is what happened to them?

Who did Peter attack and what did he do to him?

What did Jesus say to Peter and what did it mean?

When they arrested Jesus who did they take Him to?

What had Caiaphas advised?

Who do you suppose this "other disciple" with Peter is?

How did Peter answer the girl at the door?

What was the weather like at this time of the year?

Where did Jesus say He always did His preaching?

What did a nearby official do and say to Jesus?

To whom was Jesus sent next?

How did Peter answer the question if he was one of Jesus's disciples?

Who asked Peter the third time?

Why didn't the Jews go into Pilate's palace?

Why did the Jews need to have Pilate condemn Jesus?

What did Pilate ask Jesus?

What did Jesus say about his kingdom and His followers?

What rhetorical question did Pilate ask Jesus?

What choice did Pilate offer to the people?

Who did the people choose to have released and what had this man done?