Matthew 16-17

As in chapter 12 what sign did Jesus offer them?

Did the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees represent good or bad?

Did the disciples understand what Jesus was talking about?

What city did Jesus visit next?

What did Jesus ask his disciples?

What were some of the answers?

What was the correct answer and who first acknowledged it?

What play of words did Jesus use when he said Peter and rock?

Is Peter the rock upon which the church would be built? (Ephesians 2:20)

What does it mean the gates of Hades won't even stop it?

Who will receive the keys of the kingdom and when?

At this time what did Jesus begin to try to explain to his disciples?

What kind of kingdom did Peter probably have in mind?

How quickly in our life can we go from being a pillar for Christ to a servant of Satan?

What does verse 28 mean? (Read parallel verse in Mark 9:1)

Who were the only ones present who WOULD taste death before the prophecy came true?

Which three disciples did Jesus take up a mountain?

Who appeared with Jesus, what did they represent, and what were they discussing? (Luke 9:31)

What did God announce for the second time?

Who was the "Elijah" that came before Jesus?

Why hadn't the boy been healed?

According to the law of Moses for what was this tax used?

What did Jesus mean by his question, "From whom do the kings take taxes, their sons or others"?

Why did Jesus pay the tax?

Where did He get the money?