Sun, Sep 23rd: David & Bathsheba
2 Sam. 11-12:25
1.) Where did David send all his men?
2.) What did David see when he went up on his roof?
3.) What sin did David committ?
4.) What happened to Bathsheba?
5.) Who did David call to the palace?
6.) When David sent him home to Bathsheba did he go to her?
7.) Why did Uriah say he didn't go home?
8.) When David tried again did Uriah go home?
9.) What did David write in the letter to Joab?
10.) What happened to Uriah?
11.) What happened to Bathsheba?
12.) Was the Lord pleased about all of this?
13.) Who did God send to talk to David?
14.) What parable did Nathan tell David?
15.) When David got angry at the man in the parable, what did Nathan say?
16.) What did Nathan tell David that God said?
17.) What was going to be the punishment for David?
18.) Until the child died what did David do?
19.) Once the child died what did David do?
20.) What did David say when the people asked him about this?
21.) What was the name of David and Bathsheba's next son?
22.) What did the Lord name him and why?