Lesson #36 Passover (Exodus 12:1-30)

1.) What new calendar began with the 10th plague?
2.) What were they supposed to do on the 10th day of the month?
3.) How was the lamb supposed to be?
4.) What day and what time were they supposed to kill it?
5.) What were they to do with the blood?
6.) What did they eat for the meal?
7.) Could they keep any leftovers?
8.) How were they supposed to eat it?
9.) What would happen that night?
10.) How would they be safe?
11.) What feast would follow the passover?
12.) What did they eat and what had to be removed from their houses?
13.) What did they use to brush on the blood to the doorposts?
14.) What time did God strike down the firstborns?
15.) What was this feast celebration called and why?