Children's Curriculum
   Lesson #135: Visit to Jerusalem (Luke 2:22-39; Matt. 2:1-12)
1.) Where did they take Jesus?
2.) What sacrifice did they need to offer?
3.) Who did they meet?
4.) What had the Holy Spirit told him?
5.) What did he tell Mary that the child would do?
6.) Who else did they meet?
7.) Approximately how old was she?
8.) What did she constantly do in the temple?
9.) Where did they return to?
10.) Who came to see Herod?
11.) What had they seen?
12.) What did Herod ask about?
13.) What was the answer?
14.) What did he tell the wisemen to do?
15.) Where did they find the child?
16.) What did they give him?
17.) What did the Lord warn the wisemen to do?