Children's Curriculum
   Lesson #080: David Spares Saul's Life Twice (1 Sam. 23:14-29; 24; 26)
1.) Why was Saul searching for David?
2.) What did Jonathan say to encourage David?
3.) What people told Saul where David was?
4.) What did Saul ask the Ziphites to do?
5.) When Saul was almost ready to catch David what was told to Saul?
6.) Next time, Saul took how many men to chase David?
7.) What did Saul go into and who was hiding in there?
8.) What did David sneak up and do?
9.) How did David feel about what he did?
10.) When David came out of the cave what did he say to Saul?
11.) How did Saul respond?
12.) What did Saul make David promise?
13.) What did the Ziphites do again?
14.) Who was commander of Saul's army?
15.) What did David and Abishai do?
16.) What did Abishai want to do?
17.) What did David do instead?
18.) Why didn't anyone hear them?
19.) What did David yell at Abner?
20.) How did Saul respond to what David was saying?